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"Randy came out to my house a few weeks ago before the holidays to install a dedicated circuit breaker and outlet for all my electronic and computer equipment (since running everything on one circuit breaker is bad and dangerous) I wanted to make sure things were split up in my home office.

I called about 4 other electricians and as far as getting in touch with them - it was very difficult. Some were busy, didn't return calls, or had secretary return their calls. I wanted to talk to the man who was going to do the job.... With Randy though things went smooth. He got back to me within 24 hours from when I reached out and explained things step by step on what was going to happen and how the process would work. Even gave a rough estimate over the phone.

Price wise everything was fair. I wouldn't say he over charges, but I wouldn't say you will get a killer deal. I would say you get a good price for very high quality work which is what I wanted (rather than cheap price for crummy work).

Service = A++ excellent

I highly recommend you give him a call if you need any electrical work done. He is fantastic and will work with you and your needs!

Excellent service, excellent communication, and a fair price. You can't go wrong. Highly recommended."

"I had a project that Randy and Ray completed on time, they were middle of the road price wise, but were attentive to my needs and extremely professional. We as a family worry about who enters/exits our home- they were great. I will definitely refer them and use them again!"